Leisha Kaye


Leisha is the bands lead vocalist. She’s well known in local music circles as "A lady who can belt the blues" but can also sweetly craft a ballad. Her musical sense brilliantly leads the audience on a trip through a wide variety of music.

Steve Pelkey

Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals

“Pelks” is a prolific and sought after musician. Playing guitar is one of his life’s passions. The number of guitars in his collection is only exceeded by the number of bands that count on him... especially One Night Stand.

Jon Belanger

Fretless Bass and Electric Upright Bass

“Brother Jon” loves racing cars, riding motorcycles and playing music. He’s the founder of “One Night Stand” and loves playing in this group. He’s a music historian as well and loves tracing the roots of our music.

JJ Johnson

Keyboards, Guitar, Mando and Percussion

"JJ" is versatile performer and brings a wealth of experience. We appreciate his many talents musically with arrangements and with music technology. He’s got a ton of stories about working with famous people...fair warning ....don’t get him started.

Mike Owen

Drums and Percussion

One of the originial members of the ONS band, Mike sits in on the drums when schedules allow as he also drums in other local bands. You can also find him behind the Lord Of Life Lutheran Church's drum set on almost any given Sunday. "It's all about finding the band's groove and connection. When you get there, it's magical. We all strive to find our groove!"


Created in the lab of our inventor drummer Mike Owen the Tip-O-Nator is solely devoted to the bands success. Meet the Tip-O-Nator at our next show. It lights up with your generosity. We appreciate it too.